Hockey is one activity that is at the same time both incredibly fun and a full body workout! The sport also has supports both social and mental benefits – all in all, making it the perfect activity for growing children.

Here are a few benefits your child could gain from taking up hockey as a sport:

  1. Helps develop the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system supplies the muscles with oxygen. The energy and muscular strength used in hockey enables the body to take in more oxygen for improved breathing and cellular activity.
  1. Boosts metabolism. Hockey is by nature a game of sprints and pauses which is similar to high-intensity interval training – burning more calories and strengthening the metabolism.
  1. Works all muscles in the body. The muscles that get worked the most in hockey are the leg muscles – hamstrings, calves and hip flexor muscles. However; the muscles in the upper body are also used and the stamina of the triceps, forearms and shoulder muscles is increased.
  1. Strength. While playing hockey, muscle mass is increased, and bones and connective tissues are also strengthened – contributing to a strong, healthy body that is less prone to injury.
  1. Develops hand-eye coordination. Practicing the game of hockey is all about the ability to react or respond to the ball in a short space of time. Through this practice overall coordination, reflexes, agility and balance are improved.

Encourage your children to join their school team or local club – the benefits are endless.