“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, is a well-known saying that may just hold some truth. We look into the importance of a healthy breakfast for your family and what it could look like for your little hockey player.



Breakfast is essential for providing your body with the mental and physical energy needed to perform at your best throughout the day. Here are a few reasons why breakfast should be a part of your daily routine:

  • Breakfast provides the energy needed to kick-off the day after an “overnight fast”.
  • It helps to maintain mental freshness and alertness during the day, making it easier to focus and engage at school and work.
  • It jump-starts your body’s metabolism which increases calorie burning throughout the day.
  • Breakfast has been linked to improving moods and reducing stress levels.
  • It also results in better eating choices for the rest of the day as initial hunger is taken care of first thing in the morning, so your appetite for quick, unhealthy snacks is more easily reined in.
  • Regular breakfast-eating habits have been linked to reduced chances of heart disease.
  • Research has shown breakfast, as part of a long-term daily routine, reduces obesity and assists with weight control.


A well-rounded breakfast should contain roughly a quarter of your daily calorie intake, according to researchers and dietitians. This should include a healthy balance of the following nutrients and food types:


Carbohydrates: will provide the energy ‘boost’ needed to get through the morning.

Proteins: are essentials for growing kids and provide slower released energy for later in the day.

Fibre: will ward off hunger for longer and assist with regular bowel movements.

Vitamins and minerals: are important for general health and well-being and are easily obtained by including forms of fruit in your breakfast.