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Group Training is a GO!

2018-02-16T21:16:23+02:00February 16th, 2018|

Most often, when “group training” is mentioned to hockey teams, the first thing that pops into mind is hockey-specific training. However; participating as a team in other group training activities is highly beneficial for a team as it encourages improved commitment, enlarges social circles and enhances team spirit and morale. We take a look at these benefits in more detail.

HIIT is a HIT in 2018

2018-02-12T11:40:28+02:00February 12th, 2018|

In our previous blog about the top training exercises that will complement your hockey training this year we explored the growing trend of yoga. This week we will jump into the reasons why high-intensity interval training (HIIIT) is making it onto the trending scene this year.   WHAT’S HIIT? High-Intensity Interval Training is a super-efficient way of squeezing in that


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